Hilario Lalo Ortega builds machines that arise from questions and reflections related to: life cycle, work, joy, absurdity, open, hurt, rotate, renovate and exhaustion. He seeks a dialogue between the land and the physical labor of the artist. In Ortega’s work, a relationship exists between the mechanisms, the viewer (or user) and the land. The development of these relationships requires a system of exhaustive testing and validation between purpose and destruction. A “breaking point” where systems and people can change, when everything is magic and everything is possible.

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    • Dear Peter. Thank you very much. I took your advice, the new entry in the menu is ready. I see you at KKV and I hope to see your work in the Stockholm subway. A hug!

  1. Hallo Lalo! Hope you’re fine. Great to take part of your work on this web sight! Very inspiring! It was great meeting you!. Take care! Hope you’re knees are fine. Me and Ziggy are going skiing this tuesday , same spot :-)

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