Phase contrast – Validations

This phases investigate the moment of decision, the landscape and allow a spectator activity.

For this purpose is the construction of two capsule-wheel for travelers. A cyclic motion and the land, as a part of the journey is underground and one on the surface. The particularity is to generate a “Wheel of Fortune” where being down is literally being underground and being above it is to emerge.

The piece is based on the following principles:

a) The trip is for two people.
b) The trip is based on mutual trust between the two crews.
c) The movement of the wheel is first given by the inertia generated by the weight of the crew.
d) Movement of the wheel is also generated by the actions of the internal mechanism that exists in each of the crew capsule (pedal type bike)

Project realized with the support of “Fondo Estatal para la Cultura y las Artes de Hidalgo (FOECAH)